Converting Received Base from GH to Revit element

Hi Speckle team

I’m sure this has been asked before but I could not find the answer.

I’m sending some DirectShapes from GH using the Speckle Objects kit:

Then trying to receive it using the Speckle API:

data = receive(objectId, transport)
#returns Base object from GH

# convert Speckle Base to Revit Geometry
kit = Kits.KitManager.GetDefaultKit()
converter = kit.LoadConverter(Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.RevitAppName)

directShape = converter.ConvertToNative(data)
#returns none

All works well, except that after using the ConvertToNative method I get None.

As a test, I tried receiving a geometry that I send straight from Revit using the same piece of code, and that actually works, implementing the necessary transactions.

Is there a missing step to convert Base objects received from Grasshopper to a Revit Object? Can you guys please point me to what I might be doing wrong?

A snippet of code, even if in C# would be extremelly helpful.