Controlling colors in 3d visual

Hi there
I failed to see my model in color that i saw in speckle when i visualized in power bi

Hi @Malek,

I´m sorry to hear that you´re experiencing issues. Can you give us more content, to help you troubleshoot your problem? Are you getting an error? Can you post a screenshot?

I will recommend you watch this tutorial and the full playlist.

thanks for your fast response
when i browse the model in speckle I saw a color of each category or element in color
when i took the model to power bi the color is not the same even when I make a pie visual the color of category not match the model

Hey Malek,

This is a good demonstration of chaos theory… It is not really, but it is something simpler but similar.

The speckle web randomly allocates colours to elements in the filter.

The speckle viewer in PowerBI is also randomly coloured, but this time, it is controlled by PowerBI.

The tutorial @Nikos shared with you will give you back control in PowerBI, but we’ve never allowed control over the random colouring on the Speckle web viewer. I don’t recall if the randomness on web is consistent (ironically) so wrangling the colours in powerbi to match the web may be a step too far - particularly if you change the data with more types being colour filtered for example.

The colors generated when filtering by string properties are based on the string values. So a property with value “Walls” will always get the same color, so I guess you could say it’s consistently random :slight_smile: