Connectors and Base Object Receive

Hello dear Specklers,

we recently delved a bit into the SpecklePY and also tried to create geometry as Speckle Base objects with it. 01 Column Eccentricity Example · BollingerGrohmann/SPKL-BG-SpecklePY-LIB Wiki · GitHub

These elements look super nice in the viewer but are even better in the CAD software.
See example Rhino:

The Revit Connector doesn’t like it but also is not giving any error messages. The canvas stays empty.
Would be super nice to allow for the receive of Speckle Base Objects with Mesh geometry in all of your connectors :slight_smile:… I see a lot of indicator objects in the future like MEP NoGo Zones, other indicators for model checking routines

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks, Alex,

I will look at where the solution isn’t quite working for Revit.

Base Objects with Meshes is as sophisticated as Navisworks commits get, so there isn’t a special sauce there. If I can pin it down to the implementation in the specklepy created objects perhaps I’ll ping you a PR :smiley:

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Hey @AlexHofbeck , by design, the converter should traverse all properties of a Base object being received and convert them if possible.

It turns out there was a minor regression in our traversal logic in 2.13, but thanks to your report, we’ve already fixed it!

We will release a weekly build shortly if you want to test it. :pray:

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It was also interesting that the properties did not show up in Rhino, which they usually do. I will take a look at it at the end of the week and give you feedback!

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We found that to be a regression and have a fix ready to be merged! Txs


My Speckle manager is still in hiding mode, will test it when it is saying “hello again” :slight_smile:. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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