Connector suggestion: AutoCAD 2024 for Mac

Hello everyone,

I’m a mac m2 user and I’m trying to connect autocad 2024 with speckle but unfortunaly even if I have installed autocad, speckle manage doesnt not recognise it and does not allow me to install the plugin.
Any idea of how can I solve this?

Thank you in andvance

Hey @grigoriadis.georges welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately AutoCAD for Mac is not yet supported.

oh ok thank you! Any infeormation about when this will be available?

To date, we haven’t had many (any?) requests for this.

I’ve made this a connector request post, so we can gather interest for Autodesk Mac as the community votes for it.

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Where can I see the request post in order to vote?

This is now it - the voting is at the top

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also wanted to know when an auto cad connector for Mac will be available ?