Commit rooms together with model

Hey guys!

I’ve been playing with Speckle the last couple of weeks and first of all, thanks for the amazing platform you’re creating! Keep up the great work.

I’ve been doing some extremely simple stuff for now, just committing models to our server and the most efficient way I found (for my needs) is to filter by view. I simply create a generic 3D view with everything in it, through the Visibility/Graphics or just by selecting I hide the elements I don’t want to send to the server and then I start Speckle and send the whole view to the server. Very fast and no issues with this so far.

The issue I’m having is that I then have to do a second commit, filtering by category, to also push the rooms.
Now I’ve read this post asking if you can “merge” filters and I understand you’re working on it (it’s gonna be so helpful!), but I was wondering if there’s a way in the meantime to send rooms at the same time when I use a 3D view as a filter?



Hey @Tas ,

So sorry for the late reply, not sure how we have missed this post!

The problem here is that Revit doesn’t show rooms in 3D :frowning: and since they are not visible, Speckle won’t send them.
On the other end, always including rooms might not be an ideal solution for some people…

Have you tried creating a schedule with all the element categories you’d want and send that instead? I think that should let you add rooms too!

All good mate no worries :wink:

The schedule idea is interesting. I didn’t think of that. I’ll test it next time and I’ll let you know.
Although being able to mix n match Speckle filters (and saving to re-use on multiple files!) would be pretty awesome

I’ll let you know and tick the solution when I try the schedules



I haven’t tried to create the schedule with all the categories including the rooms (ahm…I don’t remember how to do that and at this point I’m too afraid to ask :smiley: ) but I tried to push a door schedule and it uploaded all the doors. Hence I’m sure this would work as a workaround.

It would still be great to be able to create complex filters (e.g. a view + the rooms category) and it would also be very useful to be able to “save” those filters as pre-sets so that I can load them and use them on different files/projects


From what I can tell, the multi-category schedule in Revit works by selecting Fields to add to the schedule. I don’t see a Field that includes Rooms. (If I add the Category field, Rooms doesn’t have a Category, or at least it doesn’t show up in the schedule.) So I don’t see how using a schedule filter is going to enable sending Rooms along with the other 3D model elements.

Heya both,

I just tried and can confirm what @erica.brett says, Rooms cannot be added to multi-category filters (thanks Autodesk!).
But in the Views filter of the Speckle connector you can actually select multiple views/schedules; so I’d suggest creating a schedule with just the rooms, and then selecting another view/schedule with the other model elements that you’d like to send (pending this fix is actually shipped ofc :wink: ).

Hope it helps!

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