Commit merging on pull and online viewer

Hey All,

So I am starting to use speckle more and more and noticed something strange.
When I am receiving info from a stream, I only actually receive the info from the latest commit, not the info of the entire ‘main’ branch. Is this a known issue?
When in GIT you commit, you commit (and pull of course) the delta when you allready have the entire branch pulled. Is there an option to pull the entire branch? Also, with respect to the online viewer, how can i see the merger of all commits on a branch?

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Heya @Dickels112! Main disclaimer: we’re creatively borrowing git terminology, so some things might not add up! The link below should help establish these concepts a bit better:

You can see commits as encapsulated snapshots of your data. In git, as well, when you checkout a given commit, you’re instantiating the state of that repo at that given time. Commits are grouped in branches as a way to keep track of them in logically. You never have the “whole branch” active at one time, just a given commit from it.

Getting into your head a bit more, I think I’ve figured out what’s happening - this is just a presumption, so feel free to counter :bowing_man:

Let’s say you send 100 elements from revit to speckle (you create a commit). You modify several of them, and you want to update.

I suspect you’re sending just the modified ones; you should send the whole set again! Speckle is doing diffing in the background for you, so basically only the 20 new elements get sent over the wire.

Hey @dimitrie!

That clears some things up, yes. Your assumption is in basis correct

So for routines I (plan to) use, at the end of the routine I manually need to combine the objects of incoming stream with the modified/added objects from the routine itself, before sending it back to Speckle?

I found a post about the same sort of idea I was playing with: Cross-stream commit binder
I will use this one to further go down the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

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I think so, but i’d love to get into your usecase more. If you have time, I’ll send you a DM with a google hangout so we can chat really quickly about it!

Watch your inbox on the forum :slight_smile:

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