Comments in new commits

Hi there,

i might just not see it, but I can’t make comments in the 3D viewer anymore. Is that feature hidden somewhere now? :smiley:


Hey @Laurin,

If you are referring to the Big Blue comment button from the button bar, this disappears if you have an object selected and floats to where you have selected an element.

If you try clicking into space, it may come back; failing that refresh the browser.

This looks like just a momentary glitch :woman_shrugging:

  • has the viewer window been open for a long time?
  • have you been isolating filtering elements based on properties?
  • are you a viewer or a contributor to the Project stream? I see you can edit the commit so must be owner.

If this persists, we can try something else, but it is not removed.


The button appeared again after refreshing the browser!