Colors don't align with other visuals

I Followed the steps in the tutorial and still can’t align the colors I tried various editions currently using 2.15.0 but the colors don’t align

Hey @ahmed_Esmat,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble aligning colors across visuals. Could you provide more context on what you are trying to achieve and the specific issues you are facing? It would be really helpful if you could share the Speckle Model URL or the pbix file to assist us in helping you effectively.

as shown in the image when i choose the area in the pie chart the colors don’t match with 3d view

Hey, @ahmed_Esmat, are you already sorting the 3D visual elements by the same measure as the other visuals?

Alternatively, setting 3D visual and pie chart colours with conditional formatting rules can enforce colour alignment.

If you are already doing this, then we can investigate further.

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this is the tutorial that I followed and it still didn’t apply

Hey @ahmed_Esmat ,

I recommend updating both the connector and the 3D visual to a newer version. 2.15 is way too out of date.

i tried all the Versions and still facing the same problem

@ahmed_Esmat as i shared in my previous response, please share the pbix file. That’s the only way we can help you at this point.

try viewing the model

Hey @ahmed_Esmat ,

Thanks for sharing the file. All seems good to me. Colors seem to align. What was your expected behaviour?