COBie Parameter naming changes to names and numbers

Hi, there.
Not sure if anyone can help me. I am having an issue connecting a room schedule to speckle. Everything looks fine in the speckle viewer.

However, when i bring the information into powerbi, those parameters show up as a list of letters and numbers.

Obviously not great.
as a newbie, I’m sure there is something very simple that i am failing to see.
any help, would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @AOH ,

It looks like those are shared parameters. Unfortunately, we can only ensure they are unique by using their internal Revit definition, which is that incomprehensible text (called guid).

If PowerBI doesn’t require column names to be unique, we could maybe do the same simplification that the viewer does. @AlanRynne, what do you think?

I usually add a step in the Powerquery to automagically rename those GUIDs to their human-readable names before passing them to the dashboard.

Expanding the data.parameters.00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000 and selecting both name and value, you should then be able in your query to rename the value column to the first non-null value of the name column.


Thanks Jonathon, for the prompt reply… This seems to have worked!