Clash sets from navis

I am not that versed in navis works. Tried to find a way to use the send option that lets you send clash results like you showed in the second video. Could anybody explain that please?


Apologies, it is not currently possible @Camelworks. It’s on the roadmap but not yet implemented. Since the earliest alpha, I have removed it from the dropdown until it’s fully baked.

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I’m also interested to hear from Navisworks users about how that feature might be added. In the simplest form, it would take the results of Clash Detective that have been grouped or have snapshots associated with them, grab the elements involved and include them in a speckle data object with some details of the clashes within.


  • Test Run (with settings)
  • Elements involved A (group definition data)
  • Elements involved B (group definition data)

More involved would track the statuses recorded within the Clash Detective, with any comments, etc.

No firm scoping yet.

If it is just the Clash Results data you are interested in, a fellow Community member @chuongmep did some work in this area. This isn’t the model geometry, but as you’ll see in his demo, he was able to view clash data in PowerBI for onward insights.

I was looking for a way to visualize the location of the clashes. The report gives closeups of the clash. I am looking for some sort of 2d or 3d map of clashes. There maybe a way to select a clash group but I don’t know it. Then save it as a selection set. Also the tagging is weak by default there is probably a way to get useful tag on every clash.

Where would you like to do this visualisation?

I have made a few versions of that over the last 10 years; possibly my favourite was as a point cloud in Tableau :eyes:

There are several Navis plugins which indicate clashes and clashes groups within Navisworks.

My first Idea was in the browser with speckle.
Point cloud sound nice. Could probably create groupings by distance with ease.

I don’t know under what subject to report this but right to left languages in the naming of branches and commits does not work. You can replicate by downloading Hebrew or Arabic & try to write a name. It displays empty rectangles instead of letters.

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