Clash detection!

I’m aware that @jonathon is keen on introducing clash detection capabilities to Speckle. The limitations of Navisworks, particularly its inability to directly mark up and track comments on clashes, have become increasingly frustrating. Despite being a tool that many people rely on daily, Navisworks has seen little innovation over the past two decades. The adoption of Speckle, with its ongoing improvements, could revolutionize industry standards worldwide, setting a new benchmark for project management tools.

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As I have been onboarding Automatons, I offer a health-check warning on the demo script I wrote for clash detection. This is more about my (lack of) coding proficiency than any limitation of Automate the platform.

The Web APIs are now so powerful that there may well be a fusion of automated pre-flighting and front-end wizardry that could put your suggestion in a prime position.

What I think there is a definite role for is an accessible tool that an individual contributor to a project can self-check pre-coordination rather than relying on a grand event session that needs to cover everything. In that regard, I think we can already define something fit for purpose today.


I look forward to seeing where this will go in the future with Speckle. It’s well outside of my nonexistent coding skills sorry I can’t be of more help.