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Hey @Community! :wave:

There’s a lot going on in the speckleverse, so we thought it’d be helpful to put out a changelog of what’s new on the latest versions of the connectors, web, and SDKs. Thus, welcome to the first changelog :loudspeaker::sparkles:

We’ll endeavour to continue posting these as new versions are released :blush:

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them below. Now, let’s get into it!

:electric_plug: Connectors 2.1.18


  • Share streams via email
  • New tutorial!
  • Support receiving Breps and Meshes as FreeFormElements
  • Fixed critical conflict with Rhino.Inside


  • Added right click shortcuts to view streams online to Sender and Receiver
  • Can now send Revit elements directly from Dynamo


  • Elements sent from Revit are now received as meshes
  • Share streams via email
  • Added support for blocks
  • Added support for views
  • Brep optimisations


  • Support sending Breps and Meshes as FreeFormElements to Revit
  • New tutorial!
  • Brep optimisations
  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented the connector to load properly. This was luckily only affecting a couple of users.
  • Fixed bug with accounts node
  • Materials added to schemabuilder


  • Share streams via email
  • New tutorial!
  • Added surface and mesh conversions
  • Added support for blocks


  • Share streams via email
  • Started scoping support for infrastructure conversions


  • Updated to use the new speckepy on pypi
  • Fixed a bug with some local accounts not loading up
  • (wip) materials and nested collections
  • (wip) BlenderBIM integration - take a peek at this BlenderBIM model in this stream


  • Alpha release! Feedback is very welcome. Read more here


:globe_with_meridians: Server & Web

New features

  • Invites! This can be used to create a fully private, invite-only server - or just quickly and easily invite others so you can easily share a stream with them!


  • Fuzz testing in the CI
  • Security patches
  • Deployment guides
  • Published on docker hub!


  • Real time notifications! You will be notified in real time in the browser of various events: stream creation, commits, etc.

:hammer_and_wrench: SDKs


  • Added helper methods to send and receive in Core
  • Published on NuGet!


  • Package has been renamed specklepy - please update any scripts to reflect this!
  • Add support for render materials
  • Published on pypi as specklepy


Packages just dropped on npm, for ease of use!


Quick hint: I suppose this is meant to be 21/04/2021 not 03 :slight_smile:


Well spotted! I’ve removed the date as we’ll keep posting here updates after each future sprint :running_woman: :dash:

Haha thanks for catching that! I’m in a bit of a time warp - I wrote 2012 instead of 2021 on a document the other day :sweat_smile:


I have been following Speckle for a while now. Does speckle also support solids with propertysets from Civil3D?

Welcome to the community @Dickels112 ! We have a few basic Civil3D conversions on the table this sprint (alignments are top priority), but most likely solids will be in the backlog for a while.

Glad to have a Civil3D user on board though, suggestions & requests are very welcome on the connector thread! On that note, feel free to introduce yourself here when you get a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @clrkng !
The reason I am asking this is that all coordination and integration with other software is not done on the basic Civil3D classes, but usually ends up with solid conversions. This goes from plan production, up to coordination and validation. even IFC only uses the solids (IFC 4.2 is not integrated, IFC5 is not even close to market). This, of course, is the same class as the autocad solid, with some added parameters (propertysets).
I will take it up with the connector thread!

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Hey @Community, Dr. Changelove is here wishing you all a happy May the Fourth!

On this special day we are publishing our changelog from the team’s latest sprint in both the regular, and the Star Wars formats (warning: plays with sound)

Tutorials & Blog Posts

Connector Updates


  • Conversion stability improvements.
  • New warning when Connector is opened from Family Editor.
  • Convert Rhino Blocks to Revit Generic Model Family Instances.
  • Receiving 3D views from Revit & named views from Rhino.


  • Pointcloud conversion now supported!


  • Fixed bug with connector node initialisation in Rhino 7.


  • Added support for simple materials.
  • Preservation of collection hierarchy on send and receive.

Server & Web


  • Added methods for setting canonical camera views (top, left, right, back, etc.).
  • Added method for rotating camera arbitrarily.
  • All view transitions (zoom extents, camera views) can now skip animations.
  • Fixed BuiltElements display (e.g., Revit sourced objects) - models look much cleaner!
  • Added method to grab render buffer as a data/png (screenshot current view).
  • Improved Object Loader behaviour.
  • Added object selection/deselection events.


  • Important security improvements :rotating_light: :warning: make sure to update your servers! :warning: :rotating_light:
  • Screenshot service (more to come once this is implemented in the frontend :shushing_face:).


  • Public streams can now be viewed without logging in.
  • Various bug fixes that were preventing correct navigation after a first log in.


  • Developer QoL improvements: DesktopUI now displays all currently-supported categories.


  • DesktopUI Nuget + CI

…and that’s a wrap!
Once again, the AEC galaxy is saved :raised_hands: