Change the speckle-powerbi-visuals-main?

Hello everyone!

I am testing the 3D viewer in Power BI, and now I want to try modifying the .pbiviz file. I am not very experienced with this, but it seems like the ‘visualPlugin.ts’ file is missing when I try to run ‘npm run pack’. Are there any guides, similar to those in APS (autodesk platform service), on how to do this correctly for Speckle?

Thanks in advance

Hey @David_96, do you want to describe what you want to change? Perhaps it is something we should put on our backlog??

Hello there!

Currently, I’m diving into the code to gain a better understanding of how to convert it into a .pbiviz file. However, I seem to be encountering some issues when running the webpack scripts (“npm run pack”). Am I missing something crucial, or is there a different approach I should be taking?

Hey @David_96 ,

Have you tried following steps described in this guide?


Yeah, I believe I’ve followed the guide as best as I could. However, I’m encountering an error when attempting to package to pbiviz. It seems that the visual.js file cannot be found. Could it be that I’m doing something wrong that I’m not aware of?

Thanks for the fast response!

Someone that knows what the problem can be?

Hey @David_96 ,

What do you want to change in our 3d visual? Can you give a bit more context. @AlanRynne is the wizard behind the current 3d visual in Power BI.