Capturing wall finishes by room


Is there anyway currently using the speckle data to capture wall finish data by room? I have managed to get something similar working with families, but unsure if this is possible with system families, floors, walls, ceilings etc.

This would be incredible if it is possible. There are some other plugins that will export this kind of data, eg room wall finish and area wall by wall for each room, to a static excel file, but obviously better if it’s live speckle data.


Hey @ash,

If that data already exists within Revit, sure. But if you want to do some geometrical operation to detect which wall finish is colliding with what wall, that’s more complicated.

Can you share what those plugins are and how they work?

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Hi Bilal,

I have a feeling it is probably the latter and may not be native to revit. The plugin I have seen that does something similar is linked below. Yes, it looks perhaps that it may not be so easy.

Room finish material schedule and quantities in Revit | BIM Tree Chimpanzee – Agacad | Enabling Innovations Together.

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Agreed, @ash, this is a task as old as time - I have written macros to achieve it in the past - it has always blown my mind that this is so hard within Revit itself. The data doesn’t exist on a wall that is facing a particular room - or that the finishes on one side of a wall element exist in one room and the other side a different room. The story is similar for ceilings but varies for floor finishes.

It’s potentially an Automate function worth building, but it feels a better fit for a Revit macro/addon. I’ve even struggled in Dynamo to get this use case working because of API limitations. My knowledge of the start-of-the-art is out of date, though, and would need investigation.

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I see now. Just fyi, you can relate your Excel data with Speckle data anyways.

If this would be possible to include then it would be a fantastic addition!

@gokermu Thanks Bilal, this is the route I have gone down for now, and very useful, using room instance parameters to define wall types, and some custom columns to calculate wall area. The difficulty I have run into is complex rooms with more than four sides and different wall types.