Can't use Speckle Dynamo and Speckle Revit at the same time

Call me greedy, but Speckle crashes if I have 2 add-ins open at once. In this case I have the Revit and Dynamo plug-ins open (looking at separate models). If I have the Dynamo plug-in open I get a “cannot execute external command” error within Revit. If the other way round, Dynamo won’t place speckle nodes and crashes.

Is this a known issue?

Hey Tom,

Not a known issue, and not sure what could be causing it… I’ve tried opening a new model and everything seems to be working fine (see below).

Maybe it has to do with the kind of operations you are executing inside Revit/Dynamo?
Can you provide a step by step way of reproducing it?

Hi Matteo,

Trying to replicate:

Error produced…

Is the issue that I’m attempting to use 2 Speckle plug-ins on separate models?

Hey Tom,

I could replicate with Revit 2019 & Dynamo 2.0.3, but doesn’t seem to occur with Revit 2020 or above!
Not sure if possible, but you could try to run a newer version of Dynamo or just switch to 2020…

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Thanks Matteo. We plan to upgrade to 2020 this week so will try again then

Psss 2021 is already out too :wink:

Ha. Knowing our projects, we’ll probably be using it by 2022!

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