Can't receive in Archicad

Hello I am writing here because I have similar problem but there is nothing wrong with the Archicad plugin manager entry.

The prompt window shows everything fine but nothing comes in Archicad.
There is quick flashing happening in the 3D window with the XYZ axis but nothing comes in as I double checked zooming out,
This happened right after updating to the last version
I also get this message and not sure if its related
In fact I`m not sure what this warning exactly means. Do I have two Speckle managers and I dont know?

Windows Program Files looks ok

I managed to update Blender connector to 2.12.1 beta and Archicad Connector 2.12.1 and still cannot receive the objects.
Everything seems fine and there is that quick flash in the 3D window but nothing new appears after.

2.8.8 represents the Manager for Speckle’s version. Manager’s version is different than connector versions.

This message is related to connector versions. We advise users to have their connector versions aligned. That’s for that. You don’t have to worry about it.

Can you try going back to a previous version and check if it works? Let us know if it fixes your issue.

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I just rolled back to version 2.12.1.rc2 and now receiving works fine again ! So it is something with the update thats causing it. This happened in both AC 25 and 26, at least for me.
I also noticed that the log window was not actually ok when I did not receive the mesh.
This one is the right one :slight_smile:

Yes, it is to related 2.12.1. This is the fix: Mesh import fix by jozseflkiss · Pull Request #2154 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub


Awesome! It works now and it comes as a GDL object instead of a morph.
Not sure if this is better or not. Maybe it should be optional?
Now that it is a GDL object it also does not have “cut surfaces” activated so it does not show up in sections properly.
A good thing is that it preserves the mesh color assigned but the object faces are exploded based on their material. I am not sure how it renders if the faces are disconnected.

What does Receive parametric elements do? Is it only for Archicad elements or will it be expanded to other compatible objects?

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Thanks for the testing! A new receive option for either Morph or Object import is a good idea, we’ll take it into consideration.
The parametric import means, we convert elements as architectural native tools, like Wall, Roof, Slab etc. Otherwise everything is imported as Objects.

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