No longer able to receive models in Archicad


So it seems like i am no longer able to receive speckle models in Archicad. Tested on several streams including some that i was able to receive about 2-3 weeks ago. Tested with rhino and i am able to receive them there. Stream preview appears but it is frozen ( an image). Before, when receive worked i remember i was able to orbit the modell in the preview window. Any ideas?

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Hey @Andrei ,

That looks interesting. Can you share the stream URL so we can reproduce it on our end. Archicad has been getting a lot of love :sparkling_heart: from @jozsef.l.kiss. I am sure he can fix this.


Try this one:
I don think it is stream related, looks more like a versioning issue to me but both Manager and the connector seems to be running on the latest versions. Not getting an update prompts or anything.

Also tested sending from archicad. That worked, but I still cannot receive the same geometry that I sent out just one minute prior.

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It seems to work on my end. Can you try with latest version of AC connector?

Latest version atm is 2.12.1-rc1. You can find it under Manager > Archicad (Alpha🛠) Connector > Versions.

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Finally managed to test with the 2.12.1-rc1 version but I am not seeing any difference in behaviour.
Does send and receive operate through the same ports? I dont understand why send works fine but receive seems to be pausing at some point during the connection. I will try from a different PC in the office on monday.

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This is indeed interesting. Can you go to Options > Add-On Manager and share the Speckle addon load path? It should show up under Addon Info when you select it.

Well this is interesting. Aparently speckle has 3 diff entries on here. The ones with warning sign say plugin is already loaded. They each specify different paths for it tho:
C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\Archicad 25\Add-ons\speckle \ Speckle connector.apx
C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Roaming\Speckle\Archicad\ 25\Add-ons\Speckle connector.apx


Ok, then uninstall Archicad connector from Manager. And Uninstall other two by going to those paths. Reinstall it via Manager. And you should be good to go.

Confirmed up and running. New installation only added one connector.apx to the archicad addon list.


Great. Keep your feedback coming. We have some great features coming to AC connector.


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