Cannot use embedded viewer anymore with FE2

Hello developers,

We were using the iframe in our Vue app to show the model preview, similar to what is shown in this doc. It was working smoothly. But since our company updated speckle to FE2 we are facing issues with the viewer as is shown.

so as you can seen, we also tried to change the url from

ServerUrl + '/embed?stream=' + selectedStream+ '&commit=' + selectedCommit


ServerUrl + '/embed?project=' + selectedStream+ '&version=' + selectedCommit

Maybe it is due to the transition period to FE2, I could not find an updated documentation for the new front-end embedded viewer. Could you help to make this still work?

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Indeed this is a blocker to FE2 adoption, embedded viewer is the last major building block missing from FE2.


Thanks for the reply!

Do you have a plan in your team to solve this issue maybe? Because we are using this function in our project, would be nice to get this fixed.

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Absolutely, it is a key part of Speckle’s flexibility to deploy almost anywhere.

We have two options:

  1. a simple port of Embedded viewer that supports FE2, warts and all, or
  2. we work on embedded viewer 2 as a priority getting known issues resolved simultaneously

From my understanding:

Option 1 seems to be the solution where we need to make the least adjustments, so would be great to have this working.

Later we will migrate our current viewer embedded viewer 2 :grinning:

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