Cannot Send to Speckle

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is there something going on with speckle? i cant seem te send anything to speckle. it says: "0 object converted successfully. send stopped"

even the most basic of things like a floor cant be send.


Can you be more specific? Which Connector, which versions, which server etc.

i forgot to set current selection again. A floor can be send by i cant send some structural columns. i am using the Revit connector 2.16.0. In the past i have send the same family to speckle.

By some structural columns, are these all the same type, if you set to send by category, and then choose structural columns, are they still omitted?

My colleague figured out why this was happening. it seems that items that will be demolished in any phase cant be send to speckle.

And this is something you would like to be able to do?

Yes, i would say its more a bug than a feature. I also see you found the post of my colleague. So the problem is explained there in more detail with a video.