Cannot load multipatch layers in ArcGIS connector


Finally getting round to testing out Speckle myself after the interview I did with Kate.

ArcGIS Pro version: 2.9.9
ArcGIS Speckle connector version: 2.12.1
Stream URL: Speckle

I have a multipatch showing in a local scene in Pro. It is the result of extruding between two TINs. I wanted to create a 3D model in Pro, then try to push to Speckle for further editing in, say, Revit or Unreal. When I try to select layers, however, nothing is available. Seems the connector doesn’t work with scenes? When I tried it with a regular 2D map, it allowed me to select a couple of layers - a simple shapefile and a .PNG raster layer. It did not allow me to select the multipatch even from the 2D map for pushing to the Speckle server. I note that I could not select TINs either.

Is this expected behaviour? Can I really therefore use the ArcGIS connector for sending 3D models from ArcGIS Pro?

After trying to do a push, without specifying a value in the Commit field and selecting the shapefile and PNG file layer, it never completed the push but did give a warning message about a large layer. I then selected only the shapefile and included a value in the Commit field, it succeeded. I then tried again with a value in the Commit field and selecting both shapefile and PNG, still no luck. This time, though, there was no warning about a large file. Seems that the connector can’t handle PNGs?



Hi Wil!
Great to hear you got to the testing part!

The development is indeed behind other Speckle connectors, it might be an unreported-for-months-bug. The connector description also might be outdated as it is primarily based on the API for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and higher. There could be some changes not detecting multipatches.

Could you share the data you are trying to send as a file? I will check the issue on my side. Also, did you try receiving 3d models? That should work across versions.

Thanks for reporting🙏

In the interview referenced above, it was mentioned that the elements from a Revit model can be brought into ArcGIS via speckle connector as a multipatch feature.

Can any/all geometry uploaded into Speckle be brought into ArcGIS as a multipatch? … or is it specific to Revit geometry only?

That’s right, theoretically any of the Speckle data streams that employs a displayValue (all of them)

However, wider support is not fully baked in on receiving in ArcGIS. It is loosely tabled for Speckle 2.18 (which will land around the New Year.