Can I use my own JSON serialization?

Hi everyone,
I am using specklepy. For my custom objects, I have my own JSON-based serialization and deserialization methods. Is it possible to use those JSON strings to send to and receive from speckle server without using its own methods? Or am I missing the point here? Thanks

I’m afraid Speckle does a wee bit more than just store json, so it’s probably a no, but it depends what you want to achieve.

If simply storing json strings in speckle, then it’s not a problem. If we want to actually visualise said objects and be able to receive them elsewhere, then it gets more complicated.

What’s the assignment at hand?

What doesn’t bring you are the efficiencies afforded by the Speckle serialiser with Detaching and Chunking, visibility of those objects on the viewer and interp[erability with other applications. Myriad benefits.

That said, it is technically possible to upload your serialised JSON to Speckle already. If you review the REST API docs, they demonstrate how. You may need to keep track of your hashed IDs - at which point Speckle becomes an always-available free database. There may be other alternatives. The RTDB from Firebase, for instance.