Can AI write (Speckle) code for you?

I asked 2 relatively simple questions to ChatGPT: ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue

I was presently surprised by its comprehension and the answers seem pretty good, but I have zero experience with vue. Any thoughts from experienced devs? Speckle.pdf (113.1 KB)

Did other people played around with it as well? What are your thoughts?

I think it’s a great tool that can help us explore and get started on many different topics. Interesting to see how they develop this further.


It is unnervingly cool, for sure, and when your question matches close enough to something it has scraped, the answers are astoundingly convincing.

There’s the fun rub. It is like talking to someone charismatic and verbally competent enough that anything they say confidently comes across as convincing. We’ve played around with it, and it will generate code with libraries, methods, and patterns that make you hold your hands up and wonder how you’d missed something so easy…

… until you realise the method or library is fictitious or “side-loaded” from another API altogether.


Unnervingly cool. It does cheat though:

<SpeckleViewer :stream="myStreamData" />

Though, on second thoughts, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to provide vue/react wrapper components around our viewer, especially as there are quite a few gotchas on running it efficiently in a SPA.

So, while I agree with @jonathon’s skepticism, I also feel a flip side of it could be to see it as a provider of inspiration for what we should do - casting the AI as a naive, tireless, 10 year old developer trying to do things for the first time. Perfect persona!