Bulk managing of collaborators (Owners/Contributors/Reviewers) to multiple streams at once?

Just getting started on a real project using speckle!

We have 6 streams at the moment, and it will increase as we go. I see that I have to go into each stream and add collaborators (Owners/Contributors/Reviewers) to each stream one by one. Is there a way to add people in bulk to multiple streams at once?

Right now I have to add 5 people to each stream so they have access, and if new people join the team I might have to add even more. I just went in and manually added all the people, but I’m not 100% confident that I didn’t miss adding someone to a specific stream since there is no global view of who is on what stream and with what permissions.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have such a feature yet! In the future it will be implemented as organizations/teams/projects and you’ll be able to set permissions at that level as well.