Branches in PowerBI


I am trying to bring branches of the same stream into PowerBI but it is not working on my side. If the stream contains something in the Main branch, yes, I can visualize the geometry from the main branch. But if I try to get the visual of one branch that I have created, I only see the geometry from the main branch, even if I can see the geometry of the other branch in the Speckle server.

And if I try to bring branches from a stream that does not contain anything in the main branch, but other branches do, I get this message.


Is there anything I am missing?

Hi, would it help if I share the URL of the streams? They are streams from a private server, though :sweat_smile:.

the url’s will be fine for now - we don’t need to see the data for this, just how you are addressing it

Hi @jonathon,

thanks for your answer. For some reason the second issue has fixed itself now (I am quite certain that I am doing the same I was doing a couple of days ago, even this morning, but I must be wrong :sweat_smile:). So now, it is possible to load branches from streams where there is no main branch. And I am not getting the message I was getting before.

Regarding the first issue, I have been able to narrow it down a little bit. If I copy the URL from this button, I get the geometry from the main branch, even if it is a different branch.

But if I go inside the branch in the Speckle platform and copy the URL from the web browser, I get the correct geometry in PowerBI. Obviously, the URLs are different

Is this how that button is supposed to work?

Hey @fcegnam ,

I think this happened due to a confusion of concepts on your part. To clear this confusion, we recently announced that we would rename the core concepts of Speckle.
tldr; Streams → Projects, Branches → Models, Commits → Versions

I understand that you are trying to view the federated model of all branches under your project (stream) URL. However, our Data Connector does not work that way. When you paste a project (stream) URL, you only receive the “main” model (branch). If “main” model doesn’t have any version uploaded, you get the error you shared. We are planning to change this behaviour in the future.

To receive multiple models in Power BI, you need to paste the model (branch) URL of each model and combine them into a single query. The Data Connector will then receive the latest version (commit) uploaded for each model (branch) URL. We have created a tutorial that demonstrates how to do this. Please take a look and let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi @gokermu,

thanks for the answer and the clarification.

To be honest, I was not trying to bring the branches all together from the same stream :sweat_smile:. I had not even considered that possibility at all, but it is good to know that it is there. I was bringing branches separately and I was getting the behavior that you are describing below.

However, today I tried to do everything again from scratch and I can bring branches (models) from a stream(project) where the main model does not have anything uploaded… :sweat_smile:

Having said this, when I copy the URL from the branches I have seen this behavior. When I click on the button I get the same message I was getting some days ago “The branch main in stream c5f88bdf1f has no commits”. This is probably the way I was doing it some days ago. But if I copy it from the web browser, it works well.

Thanks for your help!

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Are you sure you are copying the correct URL from this dialog? There are two URLs listed:

  • Project (Stream) URL
  • Version (Commit) URL

If you are getting ‘branch main has no commits’ error, it means you probably used Project URL.

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Hi @gokermu,

you are right, I was not copying the correct one… :sweat_smile: Totally my fault for not paying attention.

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No problem, it happens to all of us.