Blender to QGIS: loosing BIM attributes

Hello there,

I’m working with an IFC model in Blender, and I set a specific IFC class to the object and then assign different Property Sets.
This is an example based on a cube (IFCActuator Class) with two Custom_Psets and one Pset_Condition.

I want to export this model to a Speckle stream, and therefore import it into QGIS. The connectors work well and I can succesfully visualize my model in QGIS, even in a 3D map. However, when I open the attribute table I can visualize only the last Property Set that I added in Blender.

If I check the object in Speckle, It looks like some information get lost during the import.

Am I doing something wrong setting the properties (I’m not a BIM expert)? Or maybe there is an error in the Blender’s Speckle connector?

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the testing @nick_tolio

The way that all the software we are supporting, in turn, supports metadata is wildly different; we are always seeking out these workflows, so we know what to prioritise.

IFC, like Navisworks, includes properties for each node on the hierarchical tree. We can take your example and see if we need to propagate these properties to the geometry node.

This is always a fine balance. Rhino layers also have properties like material and colour. Does it make sense to propagate these to blocks and from blocks to objects? We are open-minded to hearing what users need as there is probably not one right answer.

e.g. Would you be happy to see everything in QGIS and weed out what you need, even if it includes a lot of noise??