Blank Speckle Power BI viewer in the .pbix file

Hi, everyone!

I was trying out the speckle in Power BI using an old revit model I had from Revit 2022. I followed the instructions to install the Revit Connector, the power BI Connector viewer and the viewer. I was successfully able to upload the model, but when I tried to link it through power BI an use the viewer, the model doesn’t show up. Could anyone help me?

I don’t think it is a loading issue because comes up the bottom ribbon inside the PBI viewer in the dashboard.


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Hey @LeoGrabowski ,

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Is your Speckle Project set as Link Shareable? Currently, 3D Visual in Power BI only supports Link Shareable models. Take a look at the video below to learn more about that:

Did this resolve itself @JustinSBlack ?