Better support for drawings

Hi guys! Thanks for amazing work you are doing!
It would be great to have better support of drawings. Here is what i mean:

  • Hatch support

  • Better dimensions display - at least readable text in dimensions as it is often not visible at all (I have tried to change size of text, model scale - with millimeters template it does not help)

  • Other annotations would be nice t have but not that critical.

  • some solution for keeping track of PDFs would be great as well (usually issued documents are drawings in pdf. The same documents are issued multiple times, with fixing mistakes or adding updates)

  • open drawings (when all geometry is in one plane) in Plan view let’s say all geo is in XY plane => then set top view a default view in the webapp

  • be able to share view (camera position) with url

Story behind:
we would like to stick to Speckle and bring everyone in our company who is still working in AutoCAD to Rhino to access Grasshopper/C# functionality. Mostly we work with drawings for fabrication, less often with 3d models. That might be super useful to avoid opening documents (dwg, 3dm, pdf) and to use Speckle viewer whenever any user needs to see the drawing. Then speckle would be a core tool for anyone starting from a designer and project manager to a purchase manager who orders materials and to a person that assembles the object. Testing Speckle for 3d objects makes us very interested, but at least hatches and readable dimensions are really needed.