Autodesk Forma connector?

The architect is working in Forma and I wonder if there are any plans for a Speckle Forma connector? I am mostly interested in the numerical result.

Not right now.

I have had access to the API to check feasibility; I was looking at the geometry interop at the time. Forma uses GLTF as the model ingress via API (or did) so trivial to support.

When I last looked into this the emphasis was getting data in as a context / resource rather than egress which I suppose is ADSK platform based.

All my investigations were with an earlier beta. At that time it was missing a UI for the interaction to be built, just programmatic interface.

How would you like to consume this result, how could Speckle help with connectivity?

Forma performs a number of important simulations but the quality of these calculations are questionable. I would therefore need to acess the result and if possible replace/add alternative result with data from validated simulation tools, in my case IDA ICE. Most importantly energy usage, vertical sky component, irradiance and if possible view.

Understood. If you are are consuming and replacing these values stored in Speckle, how are you presenting/using/visualising this data ultimately?

As far as I know all tools stores this data differently but this would be my suggestion
-Data connected with spaces/rooms are stored like usual (similar to Revit rooms)
-Data connected to walls and other surfaces are stored with position, normal direction and value together with a reference to the surface.

  • Data with no geoemtrical connection is similar to the above.

In principal I would be happy to get the data as CSV, one with sensor points and one with values. The result is quite often time series.


I am just wondering if there is any project to integrate with Forma?


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@ssw not from us, yet i have heard whisperings from others i cant mention