Auto-update data in Power BI using Speckle

Is there a working way to auto-update data in Power BI using Speckle?

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Hey @_Sergii_Holomah ,

I found these two articles that have more information on how to configure scheduled refresh. Please take a look at them and let us know if it doesn’t help.

Hola, para hacerlo, solo se puede en “Gateway Personal Mode”

  1. Descarga e instala “Gateway Personal Mode” Power BI Gateway | Microsoft Power BI
  2. en el Menú del Gateway ->Conectores, verifica que el “Custom Connector Speckle” sea reconocido, para aquello talvez tendrás que guardar el conector en la carpeta que aparece por defecto en mi caso, tuve que crear y guardar el conector en la carpeta que detecta automáticamente el Gateway, me refieroa: C:\Users\xx\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
  3. Al realizar estos cambios ya debería aparecer en power bi online en el modelo de dato → Semantic model >Gateway and cloud connections y >Data source credentials
    en la sección de Data source credentials, deberás actualizar las credenciales, en mi caso fue por token (Key), ya que no funcionó de otra manera. También fíjate si tienes otra fuente de datos que se combine con speckle, tienen que tener ambos el mismo nivel de seguridad, cuando actualices las credenciales, es decir, ambos “Organizativo” o “Público”



Did anyone else get the scheduled refresh to work? I don’t want to have to manually re-publish whenever there are changes.

Can I assume from your question you found the scheduled send from Revit not to work? How does that manifest?

If not, correct me if I am wrong.

Aside from the scheduled upload (which we see relatively few users using), we have also announced that we are working on a batch uploader that can operate outside a live Revit session.

As a workflow enhancement/workaround, there are several working strategies to make publishing to Speckle more efficient, such as not sending the entire model but working more along better practices akin to the worksets, or specific categories or views and then recombining them or federating in data queries or in the web application.

Nevertheless, we are working on tracking better what has changed in the model since the last send to make republishing much easier.