Assigning material to non-system family sub-elements from REVIT in Blender via Speckle

This may be a close duplicate of my post in Features and Ideas.

Blender allows Edit Mode for system families. These include railings, columns, curtain-walls, etc. They have a clear hierarchy in REVIT.

Imported families, or those modeled in place using solids, don’t have such organization and Speckles sends them to Blender as a unit. One can’t select various parts independently.

Is this too complicated because each family is uniquely organized?

A workaround I devised is to create a system family “on the side”, using the same materials I have in imported families for as many components as needed. Then one can reassign other Blender material for each REVIT one by editing the “on the side” family’s various elements. This updates these materials shared/used by non-system families’ components.

Not too tedious but requires a few extra steps but worth the effort for now.

Note that fenestration (doors and windows) are also treated as non-system families.