Assign attribute/hashtags to objects

there can be a quick option to add attribute to the object so that the information can be utilized while importing to other software or can be suggested/displayed when importing it in another software. like #wall #floor #win_boolean (to use it as opening cutter) and anything we can imagine so that it can be coded for further automation.

Hey @Rajendra_Meena

Do you mean to add attributes to objects in the Speckle Viewer?

no, inside the software and this should be transferred with the object while importing, as rhino have option to assign "custom user attribute, and same can be achieved in blender by making addition panel in the addon in N-panel as these hashtags are very useful user input also the attributes can be hybrid as well like #door_left_swing or #door_ls etc. it is even more useful because whenever any community member donated the model with hashtags, speckle can suggest that to the user that object with same attributes are available to experiment or use in your project.

Another interesting idea came to my mind is that while working in rhino we can just make box of lets say 2’ x 2’ x 2’6 and assign attribute like #armchair_21 so that when we import that in blender, it will be replaced with the same object from the user’s Asset browser, this will help to model precise in rhino while making use of blender to visualize it.


Hey @Rajendra_Meena - try looking at using UserStrings or UserDictionary (on an abject level), there’s also the Object Attribute dictionary itself. In either case, there’s ways to add information through the basic Properties tab and programmatically, and can get you where you need to go.


i want just simple panel inside speckle addon that says “Hashtags” when we select an object so this information becomes available online to speckle and with that things we can quickly experiment the design ideas as we have currently a huge library of models available like BlenderKit. polyhaven etc. also the community can add their models with hashtags to other people for experiment.Also, the community people can add the URL of 3d models to those hashtags so anyone who upload their model online can see the experimental possibilties in his design, i saw the rapid use of prompt after the AI introduction and how the eraser tool gives you the images based upon prompt so why can’t we have similar things. Even tools like homestyler and cohoom use similar method to showcase the 3d model library (they suggested based upon your floor plan) but what i am talking about is adding information to the object so that can be utilized for any online activities.

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The idea of assigning attributes to objects or aggregation of objects is interesting and is useful in many areas. I’d suggest looking at how you can leverage how the DCCs already do that with their way of adding attributes. The idea of calling or using “hashtags” is pretty foreign in all other apps and industries. The more un-opionanted towards an industry speckle becomes the more useful it becomes to us all. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t write an adapter to pull values from attributes to use in your apps like you would expect with a “hashtag”. The use case you described in your first post could easily be handed if you assign attributes to your objects in your DCC, and in Revit assign each object with the attribute category=#wall to the Revit Wall category.