Asking about Revit object_id in Speckle

Hello Team Speckle!
Currently, I am trying this repo that integrating Speckle with LangChain.

But I have encounter this error where it says no object id. Where can I found the object_id of the revit element in the speckle stream? And I think this two lines are to find the object_id location?

object_id ="\b\w{20,}\b", comment_text)
object_id = if object_id else None`

Any idea on how to solve this problem?
Thank you in advance!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Adrian_Kanggara. It appears we’ve encountered a snag during our code refactoring for the blog publication. The variable user_question referenced during the object_id extraction should indeed be comment_text. This oversight is on us.

I will revisit our repository to ensure the code aligns correctly. If necessary, corrections will be made both in the blog and the repository. Appreciate your patience and support. :spockle_smirk:

Hi, there is an update. When I include the ID with my comment,

“Check for the total area of 6be96356620b4f62f2a86d9ed10bcdc8”

It did not provide the answer. Instead, It shows some random text, which seems to be JSON type, describing various details about a Speckle server, a Speckle stream, a user, and a webhook configuration. Is it normal? and if it’s normal, why didn’t it answer my question?


Shows this value where?

As a reply?

Yes, as a reply in my terminal