Archicad texture coordinates


The geometry transfer from Archicad works great! At least to Blender, which I have been using. But, it doesnt seem to transfer the UV maps, and makes the unwrapping a tedius process in Blender, and actually not a good workflow. Further inspection in the Speckle stream and viewer online, shows that there is a “value” called textureCoordinates but it is empty. Maybe an easy fix as it seems it searches for it but doesnt retrieves it?

Edit: added screenshot. see nothing under textureCoordinates in bold text.

Thank you for any help in advance!

Thanks for giving the ArchiCad connector a whirl, and welcome to the forum.

None of our Connectors and Conversions supports material textures yet. We hear and understand the need; as such, we have been building the infrastructural components in the background to do so, but the dots are yet to be joined.

There is partial support for texture coordinates in some connectors (Rhino, Blender, Unity & Unreal). I can check with the ArchiCad team to see how far they are along with that implementation.

We’re happy to hear that workflow like ArchiCad → Blender will need texture support. More of these reports help us prioritise where to focus first.

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Aah, I see! I will wait then in excitement. The reimporting of the archicad model to Blender makes it a perfect ArchViz tool, and an easy one as well. I believe the reason to have ArchiCad → Blender is mostly ArchViz so it would be a highly valued function to support texture maps.

As Archicad does texturemapping quite well, the information should be there somewhere. If it helps; exporting from Archicad to collada filetype includes texture maps. It just does not support reimport or update file, where Speckle works as a charm.

Thanks again!