Archicad Speckle Connector

Hello dear fellow Specklers,

I wanted to install the Archicad Connector but it does not show up in the Archicad 26 Trial. Is there something special I need to set-up? Just installed via Speckle Manager but Interoperability doesn’t give any sign for Speckle. Also the Add-In overview doesn’t list Speckle



As it was not automatically set, I did it like this:
a) Go to Options in the menu bar
b) Click on Add-On Manager
c) Add the Add-On manually

d) Go to directory “C:\Users\ahofbeck\AppData\Roaming\Speckle\Archicad\26\Add-Ons” and select the file with *.apx type.

I am not sure if Archicad trial allows for plugins. @jozsef.l.kiss to help.

It did :slight_smile: … when I’m doing it like the above way

Perfect, great. Thanks for sharing it. I am not sure why that happened tho. Maybe it is because you are using AC in Deutsch. I’ll check with @jozsef.l.kiss

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Great, this wasnt in the guide installation, :smiley: