Archicad curved slab outlines

Hello there.

It seems something strange with how AC connector is collecting the geometry data about the curved slab outlines. For instance, in Archicad I have a simple, but curved slab on the right bottom side:

It’s an arch with r=2000, the arch angle is exactly 90 degrees, so it’s pretty straight. But when I was studying the scheme I’ve noticed some incorrect moments of angle’s data. (left side of screenshot).

So, the start angle from Archicad is 0.5722512102587167 radians (32.78°). The end angle is 2.1430475372587168 (122.78°). And theese numbers don’t seem right. Only the angleRadians is ok.

As I’m working on translation workflow from Archicad to native Revit elemens, I’ve noticed that something is wrong when the regular non-curved slab was translated succesfully into the corresponded Revit floor family, while the curved one was translated as a non-editable floor (direct shape). So I’ve recreated the absolutely identical slab in Revit and pushed it into the speckle schema to compare. And I’ve got this:

The start angle from Revit slab is 4.71238898038469 rad = 270°, end angle is 0. That seems much more correct in comparison with what I’ve got in the scheme from Archicad.

Could someone check this please?