ArchiCAD connectors

Hello everyone,
I am new to Speckle and looking forward to use it.

Are there any plans to create ArchiCAD connectors? It would be great as it would open up workflows between Revit - ArchiCAD project teams and workflows between ArchiCAD - Rhino - Grasshopper.

Thanks in advance,


Hey @Arlind-arch!

Welcome to the community! If you haven’t already, feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆

Currently, it is not on our roadmap to develop an Archicad Connector, but it’s something we’ll gradually get to at some point, though I’m afraid I can’t give you an ETA at the moment.

None of us are Archicad users and, as far as I know, we don’t have experience with their SDK either, so it may take a while. We’d be happy to support any community efforts on making this happen though :smile:

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I support this petition! Archicad needs to be part of the speckle community! So many projects can benefit from it!


Welcome @j.beneitez !

We most definitely agree and have added ArchiCAD and SketchUp to our road map, currently, the only blocker from our side is the lack of experience/skills developing for these software, but hopefully we’ll get someone on board that can help, or others (Graphisoft included) to contribute!


This is great! Do you have any connection in Graphisoft already?

I’ve just pinged one of my connections!
Would definitely appreciate an intro to someone else over there who could help with this :slight_smile: , you can use: matteo at :incoming_envelope:

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Great thanks! I’m asking to the people I know at Graphisoft, who would be the best person to talk to!


Quick update on this, we’ve had some preliminary, but very productive meetings with Graphisoft and will soon start to explore an integration :raised_hands: whatch this space!


Just discovered this, so awesome what you’re building and growing!

+1 for Archicad, that’s our main design tool.

Thanks for making Speckle :sparkles:


Hey there,

there is something brewing in this topic.

Here’s a small sneak peak :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!


Hi @gjedlicska and @teocomi,
This is very exciting! If you need any help from advanced ArchiCAD user for testing etc. let me know. We would be very happy to help! We are looking very much forward to this connector, since ArchiCAD is our primary 3D modelling tool in Norway and still somehow disconnected from our parametric workflows in RH / GH.


Hey @Jan,

thanks, thats appreciated :slight_smile: . Keep an eye on this thread, we’ll definitely post updates here.


this will have a massive impact on expanding archicad workflows. Really great news!


Awesome news. Archicad users need more of this food. I’m tired of starving and see how Revit users get all the chef’s attention.


Hi @gjedlicska, any advances on how are you planning to integrate the connector with ArchiCAD?

A dedicated set of GH components to perform CRUD operations on archicad elements would be great. I would be happy to help on this task (I have experience on GH component development)

Nowadays, the connection that Graphisoft has developed for Grasshopper is lacking important features as Delete/Update existing elements in the archicad database ( only Read/Create) so it would be great if this new speckle connector gives us ArchiCAD users the possibility to edit (even delete) existing elements remotely. An obvious use case would be to embed external data to existing ArchiCAD elements as “properties”.


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Hey @leceta,

thanks for the input, we certainly appreciate these real world usecase needs.
The ArchiCAD connector is planned to be very similar to all the other Speckle Connectors, so if you have used the Revit Connector for example, you should expect something similar (on first release we ofcourse cannot provide full element support parity). So we will support both sending and receiving to and from AC.

In that sense the connector wont provide a CRUD api to call from GH, but receiving a new commit, where an element has been modified in GH per say, would result in an updated element in AC.

Stay tuned, we might have something soon, and we’d love to have you test things out and discuss how it would fit your needs.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is great since “updating”, in my opinion, is the priority, as element “creation” ( I mean ONLY GDL based elements i.e Walls, Slabs, Windows, etc…) is already covered by Graphisoft´s GH connection,

Certainly, not all element “creation” are covered by GH Connection, other fundamental entities as Composites, profiles, Attributes, Views, Drawings… have been neglected by Graphisoft´s GH connector, I mean, neglected by design. In fact, I would say that they have only taken in consideration the “geometry generation” part of the story, which I personally consider a limiting approach considering GH capabilities for data managing and interfacing with 3rd applications. Nonetheless, I must admit that Graphisoft’s proposal for embedding external data as properties via Excel files works quite well… but quite tedious/manual though… speckle would greatly streamline the whole process.