Archicad Connector - Giraffe model not imported?

Hi All,

I have a model exported from and it shows up in Speckle (although only as a wire-frame model) please see: Speckle
and the connector in Archicad 25 says it has received the model, but it doesn’t appear anywhere. Can you please give me some help? Many thanks in advance.

Hello @tkrepler, and welcome to our community!

I’m not sure why the model is sent to Speckle as polylines; we’d need to check with Giraffe (ping @Rob_Asher :slight_smile: ).

If those were meshes, they would receive fine in Archicad. @jozsef.l.kiss do you know why polylines are not displaying?

Hey, @tkrepler, in my role as a developer advocate, I have been talking with the Giraffe team. What you see is the expected output for their connector’s effective alpha-0.1 release. The connector makes a 2.5D version of the underlying 2D GeoJSON format supported by Giraffe. The extra 0.5 D sauce is the vertical repetition based on the data input.

Giraffe and I would love to hear what you’d expect/like to receive into ArchiCAD, also in Alpha state, but a little more advanced. The current implementation of object support is found in the documentation: Supported Elements | Speckle Docs

While a polyline exchange is all that is available from Giraffe, we can look at when these 2.5D objects can be added to ArchiCAD and in what way - this is where your descriptive input as a user of both systems would help! :speckle: :heart:

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Hi @tkrepler

Regarding the Archicad side: as mentioned above elements exported from Giraffe are Polylines, however their conversion to Archicad Polyline elements is not implemented yet. We can import those polylines if necessary, however it might make more sense to improve it on the sender side. By all means, it depends on the use case.

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