Archicad 27 Installation Problem on M1 Mac

Hi All. Looking forward to using Speckle ! I am the Change and Innovation Lead for Bond Bryan (Architects) in the UK.

@gokermu ,
I am struggling to get the install of the ArchiCAD connector working on my M1 Mac running on Sonoma.

I have the Manager install, and can “install” the connector for ArchiCAD 2.18.0, but whilst Speckle confirm the connector as “installed” I cannot locate it in ArchiCAD27 under the interoperability tab (as it should be based on tutorials etc.). Have I missed another part of the install or doing something wrong ?

Hey @Kebbre ,

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Do you see Speckle under Options > Add-on Manager?

@gokermu - silly mistake from me :slight_smile: The addon was loaded ok etc, but my bespoke work environment blocked the visibility of the menu in the interoperability tab… 15 years of being an ArchiCAD superuser and part of the Graphisoft Partners to get blocked in something like that :laughing: :rofl:

All fixed now, and will start (finally) exploring Speckle !


Great to hear that! Please share any bugs/feature requests you have with us. Would love to hear your input.

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