Archicad 27 (and beyond) - add objects to a model by design options


I would find it immensely helpful if you could just add Archicad objects to a model based on the design option it belongs to:


Currently it is doable by creating selections to filter the elements (ctrl+F and set up the search criteria to contain the design option), but I would find it more streamlined and less error prone that way, especially for larger models where a lot of people could send in several options from a teamwork file - I could just tell them to choose the appropriate design option and that’s it.:slight_smile:

This could allow parity with Revit behaviour. We’d need to see if the ArchiCAD API supports this new feature.

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Thanks! I’m new to Speckle, haven’t yet tested the Revit Connector – it’s good to know that it already has this feature built-in.

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This would certainly be a powerful function - even more so if it also was possible to compare models (view changes) as it currently is for versions in the viewer.

Your comment activated a memory from probably a Morphosis book almost a decade ago, where there was a huge branch of model evolution presented for a project - I’ll try to find it.

I have a feeling that they compiled it by hand…