Archicad 27 add on file

Hi there, just trying to get the add on for Archicad 27 to work and it has downloaded versions for 25 and 26 but not 27. Can you send me the Add on for Archicad 27 please?

2024-02-22 09_19_46-Archicad

Welcome to the Speckle community, @allisterlewis. It’s great to see you here. Introduce yourself if you wish, we’re happy for you to promote ADDD while you are at it :person_gesturing_ok:

ArchiCAD 27 support will be introduced as part of our 2.18 release, which we are moments away from publishing as a Release Candidate. You can get early access to our WIP builds within Speckle Manager using the flag:


Give that a whirl, let us know how it goes, and keep your eyes peeled for the official 2.18 release announcement.

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