ArcGIS raster data upload is >4x slower than QGIS

ArcGIS Pro raster upload takes more than an hour, while QGIS can upload the same raster within 15 min:

I just kept the thing running for a long time, hoping it would finish, but at some point I wasn’t sure anymore if it would, also because I was not getting any messages or errors as you can see in the attached screen shot.

Would be happy to give you some logs if that would help :slight_smile:
(I’d need some explanation on how to obtain these logs though)

You’ll have seen that the Speckle Connector versions differ between QGIS and ArcGIS. This speed difference may be addressed as we synchronise the releases.

While there was a deal of overlap between the codebases earlier - it may be easier to support ArcGIS by deviating between the two GIS connectors. On that basis, the catchup may not be immediate.

Hi @JoostGevaert ! We are working on 2.18 release, if you want you can try the 2.18.0-wip latest version from Manager (check the box for pre-releases).

But it does have the speed issues too, although a better logging so you can see the progress.

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The logging will already make a world of difference.

Thanks Kat!

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