ArcGIS Pro attributes not transferring over to Rhino

Hi Speckle! I have been intensely testing the ArcGIS connector the past few weeks with Rhino. I used to work at Esri and specialized in ArcGIS Pro, so I am confident with my skills there. I have been working closely with a colleague of mine who specializes in Rhino to test these workflows.

I am using Rhino 7 and ArcGIS Pro 2.8.11. I am sending building footprints from ArcGIS Pro to Rhino. However, none of the attributes are being seen in Rhino. Any idea on why that is? We need to extrude the building heights.

Have you a project URL you can share - are the attributes sent from ArcGIS and visible in the web viewer?

I cannot share the data, but I will create another project with data I can share and send that your way. Thanks! @jonathon

thats normal - just so we can see the issue and replicate/diagnose

Here are some random building footprints in LA with a building height attribute assigned to each in US feet. (SPECKLE_Test (FeatureServer))

Following up on this @jonathon

Could you take that and upload it to a Speckle project and share that?

If not I’ll wrangle a ArcGIS licence free.

Here ya go @jonathon ! Thanks!
ArcGIS_ForSpeckle.3dm (91.2 KB)

I was hoping for a Speckle project URL of the data sent from ArcGIS, I want to check if the action to improve this workflow is on which of the two connectors.


I can replicate the issue.

Our ArcGIS connector is undergoing a refactor at present, and we haven’t tested ArcGIS direct to Rhino to date. However, I can attach feature object data to the meshes within grasshopper using Speckle + Elefront

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