Arc fail to convert between rhino and revit

This happens when throwing stuff into speckle that contains arc segments and then trying to read it in revit as floors:


The start and end knots must have multiplicity equal to degree + 1.
Parameter name: knots

changing the degree of the arcs to 2 in rhino fixes it.

Here´s a stream with two examples side by side: Speckle

Hi @emiliano.lupo,

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This is a limitation on Revit’s side actually and we are working on a workaround atm. Revit can’t create a single closed spline. So if you split it, join it back, create a planarsrf and send it, it should create the floor. :point_down:

We are aware this is not the best way for the end users and eventually we want to do this conversion automatically.


Was this arc previously degree 3 with multiple control points before you changed it? If changing it to 2 fixed your problem, this could be an erroneous assumption we are making in Revit in our arc conversions - I can take a look if so :slight_smile:


yes, it started as an arc built with the arc command, with degree 3 and multiple control points. Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: