Appearance profiles via Excel: is it possible?

Hey guys,
I haven’t found this solution with any plugin yet.
Do you know if Speckle could help in setting up the Appearance Profiles in #navisworks (setting colours and transparency defined in Excel cells).
Like, I give this as an input

And the elements that meet specific criteria (Search Set) get coloured by using the information in the Excel.

Any idea if this is possible with Speckle?

Indeed, this is a feature I have long yearned for also.

Sadly, Navsiworks Appearance Profiler has never had an API access method, and the profile.dat is a binary format known only to Navis devs. The closest you’ll find is that pre-saved DATs can be loaded in from a library (directory)

As with all our Connectors, we can only scope and then implement what the APIs allow us to take control of.

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