Anyone Interesting in a Speckle Connector for TLD Draw? GitHub - tldraw/tldraw: A tiny little drawing app. Its not inherently 3D at this point but it’s a very nice little open-source White Board tool. The short-term idea would just be using Speckle as a Backend to store arbitrary project White boards. A very logical future would be able to stream different UIs from Speckle Data sources into a board; Model Views, Tables, Carbon Reports etc. Finally, every architecture firm wants to able to translate bubble / block diagrams that they do for clients into real layouts. With a measurement system it would make for a nice starting point to such a tool. Cheers.


Very Randomly they just got funding today. Announcing tldraw's $2.7M seed - by Steve Ruiz - tldraw


I love tldraw :black_heart::blue_heart:. All of these are very interesting use cases.

When @Greg_Schleusner mentioned this i dreamt it up as the canvas is the 3D viewer, and when you press a button you go in tldraw mode on top of your current view.


That would be even better lool. Combined with the Views/Scenes, this would be definitely awesome.

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It was your hype around the prospect of a Speckle Connector that swung it, I hear.


Both… … drawing over models that are spatially aligned is a huge miss in the industry right now…sketching, markup, story telling etc.


Model and/or component hierarchy from model in tldw graph? Yes, please. Or programme diagrams and spatial heirarchies … this could be BIG, and awesome. Don’t you guys have unlimited funding, @dimitrie :rofl::wink:

…but a deficit of Mechanical Turks


Hello Speckle,
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I bet I’m not the only one! Speckle viewer really needs a 2d sketching feature to complement the commenting!

Nothing speaks more like a sketch when it comes to reviewing or describing an architectural issue.

I found myself doing this alot on screenshots and I think this is a must feature for the web viewer!
It could work together with the commenting mode on a always-facing-camera invisible plane .

My idea is that when you click the comment/sketch tag, the camera viewer would orbit at the exact position when it was when you sketched over so your drawing would fit with the way you did it over the 3D model

This would be a killer feature that is deeply needed!


Yes, this is on our radar. Initially, we’ll implement something like what you described. But it’s a matter of priority and resources. We want to tackle some major product initiatives first, then we’ll get there I guess :rose:.


This one would be interesting for me too. tldraw has been on my to-do for a while for another purpose, but it would be cool if there was a Speckle initiative to also contribute to.


Oh wow, I didnt see this thread but as I said, I knew I`m not the only one wishing this !
Really great news ! :star_struck: