Any updates on the JS/TS SDK?

Hello fellow Specklers,

Is there any updates regarding the JS/TS SDK for Speckle? Or is the project progressing? And where can i find progress information regarding this?

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@ONO, there are no specific updates right now, except to say that we will be looking at this in the context of Speckle Automate.

If you see the Python SDK for Automate, for example, we have some wrapper functions around some of our core SDK methods for use by Automate function authors. I expect that we will reproduce the functionality of these first of all.

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Just following up to ask, what exactly were you looking to use a JS/TS SDK for?
If you’re creating your own app, we’ve found that using the GraphQL API is simple enough not to really need a dedicated SDK just yet (maybe in the future)…

There is a community contribution from Sasaki that could be of help, but it might be slightly out of date: GitHub - sasakiassociates/speckle: JavaScript client for the Speckle API

I am aware of the Graph API, and currently i intend to use this for my applications. But is it true that Graph API can not write data or change parameters in a model, but only read from a model? This is a feature i might want to have for my application (which i would expect to be in a TS/JS SDK), but i am not sure yet if i need this as i am still figuring out what my project needs and still researching the possabilities of Speckle.

Also, i am just asking because of curiousity, to know what is being worked on related to JS/TS. I’ll have my eyes on Speckle Automate :blush:.

Cool, thanks for the clarification!
If you’re looking to update objects’ metadata this convo might help a bit too: Modifying Parameters outside host applications with Speckle

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