Allow Receiving Externally created Attribute Values into Revit Parameters

Hello everybody!

Is there a possibility to receive geometry AND attribute values with the speckle connector for Revit?
We generated some model data in blender and gave them different attributes.
When we push the data from speckle to Revit, we can see the attributes but without values:

I’d be very thankfull for any hint!

By design, Speckle Connector for Revit does not create Parameters where they do not already exist.

We hear as many stories from users asking for this as we do from others who do not wish to allow “pollution” of their models with unknown sets of parameters from external sources.

In this case you have parameters in the Speckle Stream that could “Map” to the revit parameters you highlight. In this regard we made some experimental steps with GIS models populating fields. This is a route we could explore without the BIM Managers getting upset I think.

This is an open discussion, and we are keen to hear from all sides of the story, as it were.

I’m moving this to a feature suggestion topic.

I think there is value in both of them. It’s an initial thought, but would it be a good solution to add it to the advanced settings so the receiver is in control? (have the current behavior as the default receive mode).

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Thank you for the quick response!
I already suspected that and think it would be a great option. Especially when there would be the possibility to choose.

It could be, yes. What we have heard is from “BIM Management” is that users will also download all sorts of cruft from EZBIM.ORG and insert into models, in a sense, it is a feature that opens all sorts of doors.

I think in summary, there are 3 modes

  1. Only populate data values already in Revit parameters present in the current model stream
  2. Map non Revit Speckle parameter values to Revit Parameters. An extension to the Mapper initiative.
  3. Open the floodgates to arbitrary properties.

The latter is what makes people nervous.