Aligning Colors across visuals

Perfect, that worked! How do I synchronize the colors of my Treemap graphic with the colors of the modeling? Can it only be done manually? But how do I check which color is right in the model?


Check out this tutorial on how to do that:


Following this tutorial, when I put the “volume” in the Tooltip Data, the modeling no longer loads, only the “Speckle” appears and the modeling no longer loads.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Did you set other inputs too? (Model URL, Object ID and Version Object ID inputs)

What version of 3D Visual are you using? If you are using 2.19, I recommend downgrading to 2.18. We had some reports similar to this.

So, what’s worse, I’m using 2.18, and yes, everything is parameterized.

I’ll attach the image and the file to see if it helps identify the error! Thank you very much!

I uploaded it to WeTransfer because I’m not allowed to attach files!

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Hey @Thiago_Silva ,

Thanks for sharing the file. It helped me understand where the problem lies. Here’s what I found:

  • Try to filter your received data to only what you need.
  • As a general practice, don’t have any Errors in your tables. This borks things up in mysterious ways.
  • I saw you had lots of RevitInstances in your file. We shared how to work with instances in this thread. We will make this the default behaviour in the future.

I also did a general cleanup on how you extracted data from Records and parameter objects. Here’s my take on your PBI file.

11398-Aligning Colors across visuals.pbix (1.8 MB)

Coloring by volume or any other parameter seems to work just fine.

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