Airtable Connector

It would be great If you could convince someone at Airtable (that I also love but NOT as much as Speckle) to embed live Speckle streams/commits (another icing on the cake)


I would second this request. An Airtable connector would be highly desirable.

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Hey @Kai_Zhu ,

Welcome to the community. Can you explain your use case for an airtable connector? How would you use it and what kind of workflows you’d enable with it?

Thanks for the response.

The way I see Airtable connector functioning would be very similar to the Excel connector. I.e. pushing data back and forth from speckle via tables.

Having that in Airtable allows for more powerful workflows compared to Excel due to its relational database capabilities.


I was kinda sad for the industry to see an excel connector. Excel is the Sketchup of tabular data tools.

We are actively moving excel users to airtable, stitching databases together, as well as building out fully functioning web apps backed by airtable for its database. It is ver powerful and should be a no brainer to build a connector.

I’d use airtable to

  • edit/add values to speckle object parameters
  • attach & query additional metadata and databases for speckle streams, branches, commits, & objects.
  • sync activity and events from speckle to airtable to trigger other workflows/notifications.

It’s really an accessible path for non technical users to connect tables, build workflows, and visualize data.

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It’s the entry-level relational database that people have been shoehorning into Excel for decades.

So I’m hearing:

  • read & write (like new parameter updater more than the vanilla Excel connector)
  • automation