Adding speckle viewer comments to a parameter

Hello, good day. I would like to know if there is any way for the comments made in the Speckle viewer, as shown in the image, to be linked to any parameter of the selected element. For example, if I select a beam and add a parameter in the viewer, I would like that beam to have a parameter that stores the comment made.

Hi there. This is not possible no. Can you explain a bit more about your use case? Is it to make it clear that a comment refers to a specific parameter?

I would like that when making comments in the speckle viewer, the written text is somehow saved in the element so that by means of powerbi to have a column and see the comment that was made to it.

The example is the following:

On site a structural column was made, the site manager enters the speckle viewer and selects that column and adds the comment "ready ", then in power bi would have a parameter that saves the comment and could filter the elements that have the comment "ready ".

As this doesn’t require amending the object data this description brings your idea closer to doable - but will need some investigation/hacking

Speckle comments are a queryable resource via rest and graphql.

I suspect it may not be supported out of the box, but something we could see what is involved to support.

The comment thread objects also use the object id of the selected element so a straightforward data join.